Our Online Services allow citizens to view their Town of Blind River property tax and utility billing accounts and transactions in a secure environment anytime, anywhere.  You may view details of your tax account including assessments and bill summaries as well as your utility billing account including billing history and transactions if you are registered.

For optimal viewing and security, we recommend that you use either Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer Version 11 or higher.

E-Billing Options for Utility Bills are now available to Registered Users!

To Register, View Your Accounts, and Sign up for E-Billing:

Click on register on the upper right of the screen. Complete your user name and create a password (requires 7 characters). You will also need to add a name that you would like displayed on your virtual account and an email address.

Once registration is complete, you can now add a property tax and/or utility bill account to your profile.  To add an account, you must click on your display name in the upper right hand corner.  This will take you to the Account Management page.

To add a property tax account:

Select account type PT- Property taxes, for the account group choose 000 - Blind River.  Use the 12 digits after the 000 of your roll number (including the decimal) and access code from your property tax notice for the roll and access code fields. You will find your access code at the top right hand side of your property tax notice.  Click save account. (You may add more than one property tax account by choosing save and add another account).

To add a utility billing account

Select account type UB - Utility Billing and use the 10 digit account number and access code from your utility bill for the account number and access code fields.  You will find your access code a third of the way down on the right hand side of your most recent utility bill.  Select your preferred billing options and enter your email address for E-billing preferences.  Click save account.

To view your account information place your cursor over the online services tab above the Town logo and select either property tax or utility billing.

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